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Latinx Talk Therapy

How to Support a Loved One Who Has Depression

Having depression can be challenging, and a person going through it will feel quite alone if help isn’t there. It is where having some emotional support can help immensely in this regard. If you have a partner, a family member, or a close friend who is undergoing depression, then educating

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Latinx Familismo & Setting Personal Boundaries

Merging Your Collectivistic Roots with an Individualistic Society Growing up, it’s likely that your mother and father—and your Abuela, Tio, and older primo—spoke of the importance of family, of supporting each other, and of staying united. La familia es todo, they would say—and repeat—sometimes sounding reminiscent of a direct warning.

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A man and woman use couple’s therapy to discuss their relationship issues with a therapist.

Is Couples Therapy The Right Choice?

In the past two years, couples have been spending more time together thanks to quarantine and stay-at-home orders. While it is nice to spend more time with your partner, this could lead to more arguments and fights. It is normal for tensions to arise in relationships, but recurring issues are

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Excited young woman sitting at table with laptop and celebrating success

Descubriendo Tu Verdadero Potencial

What makes one person succeed while the other one changes jobs every 6 months? Is it talent, intelligence, determination, grit, or mindset? Some would argue that it’s a combination, while others would say it’s their intelligence. And still, others would argue that it’s grit and determination that allows you to

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drawing of two heads representing mental health both good and bad

Common Misconceptions About Mental Health Debunked

Mental has long been understood. Thankfully, over the past couple of decades, the world has become more aware of just exactly how mental health affects people. While there is more awareness surrounding mental health, still, there are many misconceptions that people have about mental disorders and their effects. We’re here

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