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How to Differentiate Anxiety, Depression, and Stress 

While some may experience these mental conditions at different levels, anxiety, depression, and stress are normal. Although they all fall into mental health, they are nothing to be confused about. You might experience several symptoms and it is important to understand what they mean and what they can be categorized

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3 Steps To Navigate The Holidays

Holidays can be a very stressful time. When we are with our whole family in one place it can bring up unresolved issues and feelings from the past. We may have Conflicts, a loss, differences in political beliefs/Covid beliefs, or things that have not been addressed. ⁠ We can reclaim

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Woman Discussing With Therapist During Session

Reliving Trauma: The Psychological Impact of Past Events 

It has become rather common for several people, especially in the United States, to undergo some form of trauma. Whether you were involved in an abusive relationship, a car accident, or any other life-changing event, trauma can definitely be linked to your present health and how you are currently feeling.

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How Latinx Talk Therapy is Helping During COVID-19

Who we are: Latinx Talk Therapy was established in efforts to provide mental health services to the Latinx community in a space that is culturally competent, bilingual, and non-stigmatizing. We also aim to create mental health awareness in our community. Our licensed clinical therapists are all Latinx and native Spanish-speakers.

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Cómo Latinx Talk Therapy Está Ayudando Durante COVID-19

Quienes somos: Latinx Talk Therapy se estableció como parte de un esfuerzo para dar servicios de salud mental a la comunidad latinx en un espacio culturalmente competente, bilingüe y no estigmatizante. También queremos crear conciencia sobre la salud mental en nuestra comunidad. Nuestros terapeutas con licencia clínica son latinx y

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8 Consejos Útiles para Controlar La Ansiedad y El Estrés

Whether it is school, work, a traumatic event, or any factor that is causing you to stress or become anxious, there is a will and a way for you to alleviate these problems. We discuss the many ways that you can manage your stress and anxiety in this blog. We’re here to overcome your problems, together!

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