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stressed young Latinx woman struggling with imposter syndrome at work

How Does Imposter Syndrome Affect Latinx Mental Health?

Being Latino in the United States means making a greater effort both to find a place and to adapt to academic and professional environments. And due to the high demands they face, the development of impostor syndrome in Latinos has increased. 70% of American workers have experienced impostor syndrome at

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Excited young woman sitting at table with laptop and celebrating success

Discovering Your True Potential

What makes one person succeed while the other one changes jobs every 6 months? Is it talent, intelligence, determination, grit, or mindset? Some would argue that it’s a combination, while others would say it’s their intelligence. And still, others would argue that it’s grit and determination that allows you to

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drawing of two heads representing mental health both good and bad

Common Misconceptions About Mental Health Debunked

Mental has long been understood. Thankfully, over the past couple of decades, the world has become more aware of just exactly how mental health affects people. While there is more awareness surrounding mental health, still, there are many misconceptions that people have about mental disorders and their effects. We’re here

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Self care, love your body. Cute girl in pink pajamas smiling and hugging her legs. Vector illustration of young woman with heart shaped long hair. Body positive poster. Slow life, healthcare concept

9 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Confidence 

The way an individual feels about themself can dictate their actions and their entire outlook on life. In fact, self-love and confidence and how much of it that a person has can have varying effects on one’s mental and emotional health, depending on how it affects them and how they

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