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Virtual Therapy  |  Hablamos Español  |  Night & Weekend Appointments  |  Flexible Payment Plans  |  Insurance Accepted |  Immigration Evaluations

Virtual Therapy  |  Hablamos Español  |  Night & Weekend Appointments  |  Flexible Payment Plans  |  Insurance Accepted  |  Immigration Evaluations

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Understanding Anxiety in The Latinx Community

Anxiety is a universal human experience affecting individuals across all walks of life. However, it’s important to recognize that the Latinx community faces unique challenges when it comes to addressing and managing their anxiety due to cultural stigma, familial expectations, and religion.

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The Latinx Community and Anxiety

The Latinx community in the United States is incredibly diverse, with 62% of US Latinx people having a Mexican background while 9.5% hold a Puerto Rican background, 3.9% with a Salvadoran or Cuban background, and the list continues on. Within each community comes a variety of linguistic backgrounds and cultural traditions. Despite this diversity, there are still common threads of experience that can lead to the fruition of anxiety.

Acculturation Stress

For many Latinx families comes the stress of acculturation, the process in which individuals must adapt to a new culture while simultaneously preserving their own. This is especially prevalent amongst Latinx youth who struggle with their identity while taking on the role of translator to bridge language barrier gaps. Regardless, for many, these overwhelming feelings of displacement can lead to feelings of not fully belonging in either their country of origin or adopted homeland. That’s why it is important to reach out to a trusted Chicago anxiety therapist who can help guide you through these feelings.

Economic Pressures

Socioeconomic factors play a significant role in anxiety within the Latinx community, with Latinx individuals experiencing higher rates of unemployment. According to a report by the Joint Economic Committee, it is estimated the median household income for Latinx families is only roughly three-quarters that of non-Latinx households. A lack of financial stability paired with institutional and systemic barriers can exacerbate anxiety and make seeking help challenging. If you are experiencing these feelings of pressure, it is essential to speak with an anxiety therapist who understands you.

Immigration and Documentation Status

A lingering source of anxiety is fear of deportation and other immigration-related issues for undocumented families. Following the rise of anti-immigration policies and parental separation, anxiety diagnoses in Latinx youth have tripled, according to a 2020 report. This fear can permeate every aspect of life, from seeking healthcare to applying to school or work.

Cultural Stigma

There are plenty of negative stigmas surrounding mental health within the Latinx community. Often, this is due to the fear of being labeled as “loco” or shamed. By sharing your emotions, you’re seen as weak. The expectation is to swallow your emotions and keep pushing. However, that only increases feelings of anxiety and can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as excessive use of drugs or alcohol. Being surrounded by negative ideologies around mental illnesses can discourage many from reaching out to mental health professionals.

How to Manage Anxiety in the Latinx Community

A crucial way of managing anxiety in the Latinx community is by seeking an anxiety therapist in Chicago who provides culturally competent care. By doing so, Latinx anxiety therapists can better understand their clients’ experiences and provide tailored treatment plans to see sustainable results. This includes recognizing the importance of family dynamics, religious beliefs, and traditional healing practices.

Anxiety Therapists in Chicago

If you’re Latinx seeking an anxiety therapist, Latinx Talk Therapy is here to help. We offer virtual or in-person sessions in Spanish or English. Call (312) 620-7551 to book an appointment today!