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Virtual Therapy  |  Hablamos Español  |  Night & Weekend Appointments  |  Flexible Payment Plans  |  Insurance Accepted |  Immigration Evaluations

Virtual Therapy  |  Hablamos Español  |  Night & Weekend Appointments  |  Flexible Payment Plans  |  Insurance Accepted  |  Immigration Evaluations

Couples Therapy

Helping Couples Achieve Peace & Understanding in Their Relationship

Couples therapy can be very helpful for individuals who in romantic relationships, in open relationships, married, or soon to be married. By establishing an open, safe environment where goals can be set and reached, couples will be able to live their lives to the fullest. Latinx Talk Therapy is proud to be Chicago’s go-to choice for bilingual therapy services. If you and your partner or spouse are looking for emotional support, then we’re here to help. Give us a call today to schedule your first session!

Couples Therapy: What to Expect from Your First Visit

Upon your first visit, you and your partner will meet your couples therapist together, rather than individually. In fact, most of your sessions will take place together. There may be a handful of individual sessions, however. Through these individual sessions, your therapist will be able to ascertain personal background and history for each participant while giving your therapist a better opportunity to understand each of your particular needs. Once your first session is complete, an individual session may follow. For the following sessions, both you and your partner will work together on your relationship issues. 

Simply put, your initial session will establish the foundation for what you can expect for your future couples therapy sessions. This will also help to craft an environment where you and your partner will encourage each other to express your feelings and past experience.

Addressing Your Relationship’s History of Distress

You can expect a handful of things during your first session, such as discussing the history of your relationship distress. As your couples therapist, we will want to know the main issues you are experiencing as well as what causes the most stress within your relationship. 

More specifically, aspects of relationship stress that may be discussed include parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, and communication issues, as well as others. It is crucial to be as open and honest as possible about your relationship history with your couples therapist as that is the basis upon which goals are set for counseling. Once the most significant issues are established, you, your partner, and your couples therapist will work together in order to find ways to improve those distressing areas. 

Setting Goals You Can Achieve Together

When it comes to therapy, it’s necessary to understand the importance of goal setting. Upon your first session, you will set goals for your relationship. With these goals in place, you and your partner will be able to experience more positive interactions. If you’re unsure about what your goals should be, don’t fret. This is your first session, after all. We can help you set your goals. In fact, you and your partner can work together to determine goals you can then propose to your couples therapist. It’s our goal to guide your relationship to a place of connection and joy. 

In order to find success in couples therapy, it’s necessary to find balance when tackling relationship issues with your partner. Remember that as your couples therapist, we will be by your side every step of the way. 

Issues Couples Therapy Can Tackle

Couples partake in couples therapy for myriad reasons. Couples often seek for ways to increase their communication, resolve conflicts, improve sexual satisfaction, or develop more closeness in their relationship. Couples therapy can create collaboration and cooperation in parenting children and managing the household. Couples can learn to support each other in a more substantial manner during difficult times of adjustment, worry, or stress. Dealing with stress within a relationship is crucial since stress can sprout and arise from many instances including life transitions, childbirth, retirement, health concerns, moving, unemployment, or grief, among many others. 

Bilingual Couples Therapy in Chicago

Through the therapy process, couples learn skills to improve communication and to state their thoughts, feelings, and desires to each other in a clear and compassionate manner. Couples are coached on how to listen to their partners and express that they understand and empathize with each other’s points of view. Couples therapy can help couples become more skilled at resolving disagreements and solving conflict, cooperate more effectively, and thus experience greater fulfillment in their relationship. If you’d like to learn more about our couples therapy services, don’t hesitate to give Latinx Talk Therapy a call today!