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Terapia Virtual  |  Hablamos Español | Citas Nocturnas y Fines De Semana | Pago Flexible | Aceptamos Seguros | Evaluaciones De Inmigración

A man holding his hands together during trauma therapy in Chicago.

4 Técnicas Efectivas de Terapia de Trauma

Trauma can come in different sizes and forms by experiencing or witnessing a life-changing event. At least 50% of adults and up to 40% of children experience a traumatic event once in their lifetime. Whether that trauma comes in the form of a car crash, the loss of a loved one, or abuse, without the proper treatment, those experiences can result in depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.

Everyone is worthy of having dedicated attention and care to navigate through difficult periods of their life. Contáctenos one of our licensed therapists at (312) 620-7551 to learn more about trauma therapy in Chicago. Don’t hesitate. Start your journey today.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

After experiencing trauma, it’s common to experience a negative shift in thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Things like objects, sounds, or smells may trigger an overwhelming response in an individual. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is designed to help shape negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors into more positive, balanced, and effective thinking patterns.

With the goal to help patients reconceptualize and understand their experiences, themselves, and their ability to cope, CBT therapists can help you get to a place of control and self-confidence at your own pace, so you can comfortably and successfully take the time needed to heal.

Atención plena

A few emotional and physical effects of trauma can include: experiencing flashbacks, anxiousness, and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can make it difficult for a patient to feel connected to the present moment. 

A mindful approach to this includes a way of thinking and focusing that can help you become more aware and willing to accept your current thoughts, feelings, and experiences free of negative judgment. 

Mindfulness comes in varying forms. It can be as simple as identifying a particular scent in a room or taking steady, slow breaths that bring you to ease. This approach is often paired with other forms of therapy to assist you on your journey.

Narrative Therapy

After experiencing a life-changing event, some triggers may seem hazy in our memory, making it hard to identify why a particular song or smell can be a trigger. Jumping right into the source of your trauma may not be an effective way to heal. 

With Narrative Therapy, you start from the beginning—whether it’s your life story or the week or day leading up to the event, this form of trauma therapy helps a patient build context first to then fill in the gaps where the traumatic event took place.

Cognitive Restructuring

A common result of trauma is the feeling of negative, shameful, and self-blaming thoughts. These emotions can make it extremely difficult for a patient to see their experience from a different perspective. Cognitive Restructuring is a trauma therapy technique used to shift a patient’s mindset to help them interpret their experience in a more positive and productive way. This method involves four steps of analyzing your thinking: Becoming Aware, Evaluating, Rationalizing, and Replacing.

Learn to Navigate Trauma with Latinx Talk Therapy

At Latinx Talk Therapy, we’re well aware of how negative emotions and trauma can disrupt our daily lives. But you don’t have to work through it alone. Visit us en línea o llame al (312) 620-7551 today to book a session with one of our experienced Chicago trauma therapists to get you leading a happy and healthy life.