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3 Tips for Dealing with COVID-19

During this pandemic, many people may feel like they’re surrounded by chaos. Covid-19 has uprooted much of the normalcy of our lives and reminded us that few things are guaranteed. It is a time that’s been filled with grief, pain, hope, and unexpected acts of kindness. I am also hoping that it is an opportunity for reflection for each and every one of us.

Reflection is an essential tool in managing your mental health. It allows us to think back on our experiences, emotions, and thoughts over time. In our busy lives, it can be challenging to carve out time for reflection but setting aside even 10-15 minutes a day can truly shift how we show up on a daily basis.

Journaling is a common practice used to incorporate reflection. This practice can result in many positive outcomes such as detailed goal setting, stress reduction, and coping with a range of emotions. I will be laying out a few tips to help get you started on this journey of self-reflection:

  1.     Try to write every day- Giving yourself a consistent time to reflect is the key to success. Whether it be before bed, before starting your day, or at lunch time, incorporating it into a routine will help ensure that you do it!
  1.     Don’t overcomplicate it- There is no right or wrong when journaling. It can be one word, a bulleted list, a mantra, a quote… the possibilities are endless. The point is that you are setting aside daily time to be with your thoughts.
  1.     Your journal is for YOU- You don’t have to share your journal with anyone or filter your thoughts and emotions. This should be a place where you can reveal your private fears, thoughts, and feelings.

Overtime and with practice, journaling can be a very empowering habit that leads to profound exploration. I encourage you to connect with yourselves alongside me, and create space for reflection during this uncertain time.


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