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3 Steps To Navigate The Holidays

Holidays can be a very stressful time. When we are with our whole family in one place it can bring up unresolved issues and feelings from the past. We may have Conflicts, a loss, differences in political beliefs/Covid beliefs, or things that have not been addressed. ⁠

We can reclaim the peace and joy of the season through these 3 simple steps:

Acknowledge your feelings

It’s okay if you’re experiencing some hard feelings about all of the changes you’ve been navigating. Make space to honor your emotions and explore healthy ways to process what you’re feeling. Talk to a friend, find help, journal, go for a nature walk. Notice how your feelings shift when you attend to them. The aim is to feel your emotions not repress them. It can be frightening to face these unwanted emotions but what you will realize is that once you embrace them and learn from them they will no longer serve you and you will be able to let them go.

Be Open and Grateful

Once you’ve acknowledged your feelings, don’t get stuck in what could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve been. Instead, look around and take a moment of gratitude. Gratitude is a magic pill, you can’t be in a state of appreciation and fear, or anxiety, at the same time. So Take a moment to get grounded and acknowledge everything you are grateful for. Something else you can do is start a gratitude journal, Write 3 different things daily on there that you are grateful for. Remember it can be anything as long as it brings you the feeling of joy.

Focus on the now

Now that you’ve opened your mind to new possibilities, focus your energy on making your holidays meaningful. Notice if you get distracted by negativity and in a kind and non-judgemental way bring yourself back to the now. If a negative emotion arises ask yourself “What thoughts am I thinking?” “What story am I telling myself?” “Are these stories true?”

As we practice these steps, it will become easier to work with our circumstance exactly as it is, and it’s from this grounded place of acceptance, gratitude and openness, that we learn to reclaim the peace and joy whenever negative emotions arise.

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